The Story of Cantina 229

Cantina 229 is located in scenic New Marlborough, a 15 minute drive from downtown Great Barrington.  Once an enchanting and eclectic restaurant, the building itself is known for it’s quaint and unique architectural style and has drawn interest from locals and passers by for years.  It was constructed using locally sourced materials, with large natural wooden beams and high ceilings, which give it an open, airy and almost magical feel.  The Cantina is situated on beautiful property that is flush with Berkshire nature—a vibrant vegetable and herb garden, farm animals, and wildflowers and plants.  


The building and property have inspired Cantina 229’s owners, Emily and Josh, to create a unique restaurant and bar, focusing on the entirety of the dining.  Using weathered materials left over from the building’s construction, they’ve updated and renovated the original and iconic Cantina into a four-season dining room, playing on the bold, natural lines and structure and adding striking contemporary details.  They’ve paid special attention to the lawn, garden, and grounds so that people will see the property as multifaceted spaces—indoor and outdoor—and choose to dine or gather in whatever niche of the property feels most comfortable or suited to the moment.  More than just a restaurant, Emily and Josh, hope to create a community gathering place for locals and weekenders alike and people from a range of backgrounds to come for a casual but intentional experience and great world inspired food and drink.  


Cantina 229’s marriage of thoughtful, farm to table, world inspired menu options with casual, location inspired atmosphere make a kind of rural destination dining experience that can’t be compared to anything else in the Berkshires.  While there are other fine restaurants in New Marlborough, Cantina 229 offers a range of dining experiences in one location in a much more flexible, fluid atmosphere and more moderate price range.  True casual outdoor dining, lawn games, bon fires, a woodstove, great bar, and choice of community style or private seating make this restaurant intriguing to many different people from diverse backgrounds and in any season.